Custom Gun Safe Holds Enough Weaponry to Overthrow Several Governments

gun safeSTERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) – It was a close call for three young children, after they got locked in a gun safe and were rescued with only minutes to spare.

Sterling Heights firefighters arrived on the scene in minutes, and when they found out what they were up against, they knew there was no time to waste.

“This is the first time we’ve heard of something like this,” said Battalion Chief Edwin Miller.

It’s not every day that Sterling Heights firefighters get this kind of call.

“It sounds like it was a group of kids having fun and one got the other ones to go into it and the one outside shut it and locked it,” said Miller. Before buying winchester gun safe reviews

Custom Gun Safe Holds Enough Weaponry to Overthrow Several Governments

Three young children accidentally trapped themselves in a gun safe.

“The owner of it had all the paperwork within the safe itself,” said Miller.

With temperatures starting to soar inside the safe, firefighters had to act fast.

“The father was able to open an access panel behind the safe to allow our crews into it,” said Miller.

New state-of-the-art equipment helped get those kids out safely.

“They used the hydraulic spreader to start gaining access to the lock bolts,” said Miller.

The kids later thanked their heroes – even getting a tour of the fire station. It’s a rescue these firefighters will never forget

“Luckily, we have the tools and training to work on odd situations like this,” said Miller.

Firefighters are reminding parents to always keep a close eye on your children.

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Coca-Cola’s Latest Facebook Gambit


Coca-Cola has figured out a new way to engage its 40 million or so Facebook fans.

The brand recently began running fill-in-the-blanks riddles like “Even if they pop I smile. It’s no secret why.The soapy rainbow swirls are magic to my eye. I love looking up at clouds.

Those who figure out the answer to that riddle are led to, which features an animated hand holding a bubble wand (which is Coca-Cola branded, natch). You can move the hand with your mouse and release bubbles by clicking.

Other riddles lead to and Coke has also promoted the effort on Twitter and the brand is also using its Google+ page for the effort as well.

The riddles, developed with Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, are a creative alternative to Coke’s usually banal status updates (Sample: “Who’s had a Coca-Cola today?”) Nice one, Coke. Your move, Pepsi.